OTTAWA and WAKEFIELD CD release party opening acts

Greetings MonkeyJunkies,

We have announced the opening acts for our Ottawa and Wakefield CD release parties!

Opening the Ottawa show Sept 28 at Mavericks will be Peter MacKenzie Hammond.  Pete is the front man for Ottawa rock/reggae band Loudlove and he will be starting off the show with a solo set of his songs.  He is a very charismatic singer/songwriter/guitar player (and a really good drummer too!).  He has a very powerful presence and a great story – we’re excited to include him!

Opening the show Sept 29 at The Black Sheep Inn is a great newer guitar/drums duo called Bearshark.  They have a great sound and vibe and share a similar raw and raucous approach to making music as we do.  They will prepare you well for what we will lay down for you all!

as always, advanced tickets are recommended so click over to the tour page for more info


see you then,

Tony, Steve and Matt

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