recording and touring and recording and touring . . .

Greetings MonkeyJunkies,

Long time, no post on here.  We’ve been busy writing and recording new music for our new record.  The good news is that it is coming along very well and we are excited about what we are coming up with.  The not-as-good news is that we had intended to have it done and out in time for spring but that isn’t going to happen.  We take great pride in making the best music that we can and that takes time.  Sometimes, it comes easily.  Sometimes it takes more time to get it just right.  What we can assure you is that it will be the most diverse record we have ever made style-wise.  We can tell you that it will feature guest appearances from a few friends that we think very highly of – notably, David Wilcox and Gordie Johnson from Big Sugar!  It will be released in September 2015 once again on Stony Plain Records and distributed by Warner Music Canada.  For now, we are excited to show you a video that we shot in December 2014 with the fabulous Don Marcotte at one of our favorite venues of all time, The Neat Cafe.  Please enjoy and feel free to share it!!

We are headed to Florida this weekend and out west to Alberta/BC in April and east coast Canada in May – check out the tour page for the latest info on where we’ll be rockin!


see you out there . . .

Tony. Steve and Matt

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